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Bottle Label Applicators – Now available with a Counter as an option

<!--:de-->Bottle-Matic I & Bottle-Matic II<!--:--><!--:en-->Bottle-Matic I & Bottle-Matic II<!--:--><!--:es-->Bottle-Matic I y Bottle-Matic II<!--:--><!--:fr-->Bottle-Matic I & Bottle-Matic II<!--:-->

Bottle-Matic I & Bottle-Matic II

The Bottle-Matic will apply labels up to 380mm wide onto cylindrical containers from 12mm to 250mm in diameter and at a rate of up to 1200 pieces per hour.

The Bottle-Matic II can apply one or two labels (Back & Front) to a container and the gap between the labels can be adjusted up to 265mm in increments of 0.25mm.

The Bottle-Matics can be adapted to work with tapered, ridged or odd shaped containers, just send us a sample and we will advise you of the cost for any modifications that may be required.

For containers under 38mm in diameter and lightweight containers a pressure arm is fitted as standard.

Now Available In Three Widths
6″ (152mm), 10″ (250mm) & 16″ (406mm)

Weight: 15 Kgs
Dimensions – 540mm x 450mm x 200mm

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<!--:de-->MBA01 - Manuelles Flaschen-Etikettiergerät<!--:--><!--:en-->MBA01 - Manual Bottle Label Applicator<!--:--><!--:es-->MBA01 - Aplicador manual de etiquetas para botellas<!--:--><!--:fr-->MBA01 - Applicateur manuel d'étiquettes pour bouteilles<!--:-->

MBA01 – Manual Bottle Label Applicator

Quickly applies labels to bottles, cans, jars and other cylindrical products and is ideal for short runs.

Accurately places labels in the same location for consistent look.

Easily adjustable for different sized cylindrical containers without the need for tools from 13mm to 165mm diameter.

Heavy duty metal construction.

Weight: 8 Kgs
Dimensions – 572mm x 292mm x 343mm